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Fully joined up – CRM, Website, Email Builder and 4sight.  All your marketing (campaigns and results) and Consultant’s activity is held within your CRM system, to keep you informed, and your Consultants on track.

Use our series of ‘Ready to Use’ creative emails and planned journeys (we call them ‘Campaign Journeys’) which do not stop after one email. To see an example of an initial campaign after a Candidate submits a CV, watch the animation below.

Easily create segments (e.g IT Candidates in Manchester) and target them from day 1 with 4sight. Using this approach recruitment agencies are increasing the number of CVs to Applications by at least 10%.

We are constantly changing our Examples to give you new Case Studies, as well as Top Tips on how you can attract new Candidates and Clients, and make more placements.

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An example of how one agency improved the number of Candidates they spoke to, after submitting a CV.

BEFORE 4sight

A UK Agency used to only speak to 43% of people submitting CVs for roles. The recruitment consultants made 1 phone call, then sent a quick follow up email.

Sound familiar to you?

AFTER 4sight

Through a well timed email 'Campaign Journey' of 5 separate emails, those Recruitment Consultants are now talking to 75% of their Candidates.

Top Tip: Creating More Conversations creates 'More Sales'.

Here is one of the five emails used. Contact the 4sight Digital Team to see this and other Campaign Journeys.

Contact the 4sight Digital team for more examples.

Top Tip: Do you know the best time and day to send Jobs to Candidates?

Contact 4sight Digital to find out.


creates 'Sales Alerts' to you CRM systems (such as Bullhorn) as soon as links are clicked or your website is visited by highly rated Candidates and Clients.

Make the Data Work -
Create Reports and Performance Dashboards

Know how well your Campaign Journeys are performing. For instance we know the best day to send Jobs to Candidates.

Know how well your agency is performing overall. For instance, you will know how many interviews are taking place and sales performance across your business in an instance.

When you measure, people perform.  Individual Performance Dashboards and Leader Boards help to motivate your Recruitment Consultants.