4Sight | Your Challenge
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Your Challenge

"In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity."

Albert Einstein

"Business communication is becoming more digital. How you face these challenges, will affect your tomorrows."


Targeting the right people.  Your list of Candidates and Clients will reduce if you continue to spam every Candidate when you have a Job.

You need to spend less time talking to those not ready or not interested.

Spend time focusing on matching suitable Candidates to suitable Clients, and making Placements. Stop spending time filtering out the good from the bad.

Placements = Sales.


"Campaign Journeys" for all your Candidates.. and Clients

'Building a safety net of emails and communications until your Recruitment Consultants make contact. Don't lose a Candidate and Client. Before 4sight, only around 4 out of 10 people submitting CVs were contacted!

(Data supplied by a group of Recruitment Agencies)

Your overall challenge is this - don't lose ground to your competitors

Don't ignore the wave of digital marketing, and the massive benefits to your business.